Last Call: Caged Spitfire is your $800 dream project

This may just be a shell, but the price is right and there is still good meat on the carcass of this old Triumph Spitfire GT6 roadracer. It come with a cage, and the faint aroma of past road course successes. You just need to provide…the rest of the car.

Currently for sale in Polo, Missouri.


  1. So the left-extractor broke off the bolt which gave way already twice (head, stub). Need to practice welding nuts on bolts first before I do that lying on my back under a car…

  2. So if the cage is solid and meets current regs. (Very big if.) You can buy the cage for $750 and the car for $50 according to LeMons rules and have a great start on your next failing race car.

    1. It’s the project car equivalent of a “scared straight” encounter. Think about building this thing, yeah, every project is like what you are thinking now, this thing would actually be much worse. Now go take up fishing or something.

  3. Too bad ol’ Jesse James and Monster Garage is dead.
    I just rewatched the Sour Kraut episode where they turned a split window crapcan into a 10 sec car. One of the better episodes.
    (They’re on the Pluto TV app)

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