Last Call: C Series is best series

I’ve never been a trucker, or personally known many truckers. But my employer for the last decade and a half is a big player in the trucking industry, so I’ve gradually learned to appreciate big haulers. I can even imagine myself having a “project truck,” perhaps when I have more free time and have given up chasing motorcycle parts. The Ford C-Series COE medium-duty trucks are very distinctive, and not too big to practically store, drive, and work on. Built from 1957 to 1990, they are plentiful and parts will still be available long after Lord Humongous of the Wasteland becomes president. This derelict ’66 SWB C700 looks like the perfect starting point. It looks to have good bones and solid sheetmetal. It’s original engine and trans have gone missing, but that’s is no detriment if you’re going to hotrod it.

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Source: Pueblo CO Craigslist

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