Last Call: Buck-Board Rogers Edition

Popular Science Feb 1939
Powered both by a standard internal combustion engine AND external combust-everything rocket motors, this 1939 special dubbed the Mars Express is an actual blast from the past. It’s obvious that the scientists at JPL should be considering this as the model for the next generation of Mars rover.
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Image: Hemmings Blog


  1. Doubtful those skinny 1939 tires could sustain speeds over 115mph. It’s important to have headlights, a taillight and a license plate on this curious vehicle. Wonder where it is now…

    1. Not just radio equipped, AM radio equipped!
      (I wonder if there was a HAM transciever in there?)

  2. If he’s from Buffalo, why does it have SC plates on it? I almost wonder if it’s from Buffalo, SC and that was a typo…

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