Last Call: Brick vs. bricks edition

Older Volvos have been labeled as bricks due to the fact that they just cannot be destroyed. Further proof of that is this 850 brick that took out a brick, concrete, and iron fence in Warsaw, Poland. Yes, for reasons I personally do not understand, the Polish people love their fences. While in U.S. we do have gated communities and fences off yard, they take it to another level. Everything is fenced off and those fences are beefy.

But no matter how beefy those fences might be, they’re no match for the brick. Just look at this Volvo – the marker light broke and the fender needs to be hammered out. That’s it. As it stands there, it can just be backed out and driven home without drama. Amazing.

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2 responses to “Last Call: Brick vs. bricks edition”

  1. salguod Avatar

    I always assumed that they were called bricks because they looked like bricks.

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