Last Call – Brazilian Wax Edition

So that's where all the hair goes.
So that's where all the hair goes.

Missing a little pizazz in your kustom kar? Why not add some style with some ape pit carpets? Unique! Imported! A real performance mod! It’ll go great with your shrunken head shift knob with real animal skin! Maybe even from an orangutan! (But not really, as they are endangered.)

The lap of hairy luxury.

[From Just a Car Guy]


    1. Sorry, but the processing required to get the combined stench of not washing and patchouli oil out of the fibers would not only be prohibitively expensive, it would be an environmental nightmare. I'd pay a hundred bucks to see somebody try to comb out his honky dreads, though.

      1. You have a good point. But nothings better than tricking the hippies with psuedo-green products, so it might be worth it just for that….
        That would be fun to watch, especially if they resorted to using fire when they inevitably give up. Though, his dreads are nothing compared to some of the people I've seen walking around Arcata. Picture a ponytail 4-6 inches in diameter made of one solid dread…

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