Last Call: Brand Recognition Edition

Alex, I’m going to go with, “How can you tell that you’ve paid too much for a bicycle.”
Last Call indicates the end of Hooniverse’s broadcast day. It’s meant to be an open forum for anyone and anything. Thread jacking is not only accepted, it’s encouraged.

Tanshanomi is Japanese [単車のみ] for "motorcycle(s) only." Though primarily tasked with creating two-wheel oriented content for Hooniverse, Pete is a lover of all sorts of motorized vehicles.


    1. The ClubSport is a special Porsche edition where you pay more because you get less. The Porsche in that video must therefore be even more expensive!

  1. Bet it’s not that expensive as far as bikes go; about 20 years ago a friend had $40k of bikes stolen from him and his housemate. That was 3 bikes!

  2. Their bikes are expensive, yes, but in my eyes only by a moderate, single-digit factor. From their marketing poetry, my translation in italic:
    A Porsche bike will inspire you to put your cycling skills to the test and to improve your technique.
    You can practice cycling on a bicycle.
    Cycling fans love the reliability of these bikes and their unique design.
    It’s expensive, and it shows.
    With a bike from Porsche Driver’s Selection, your enjoyment of cycling will enter a new dimension.
    You can practice cycling on a bicycle.
    The exclusive design is perfectly complemented by the technically advanced materials, such as carbon fiber and superlight aluminum.
    It’s expensive, and it shows.
    The performance and the resilience of these bikes is exceptional.
    It’s expensive, and it shows.
    A Porsche bike is more than just a means of transport or a piece of sports equipment: it helps you to enjoy life and gives you a sense of freedom.
    You can practice cycling on a bicycle.

      1. You might want to have a reputable Porsche bike tech check out the intermediate shaft bearing on the triple crankset if the bike is out of warranty.

    1. “With a bike from Porsche Driver’s Selection, your enjoyment of cycling will enter a new dimension.
      The 4th dimension, of course, is time. This bike is so expensive you will have to defer your retirement, thereby learning the importance of time

      1. While it’s been done on bicycles, shaft drive is heavy and complicated compared to a chain so it’s not worth it. OTOH toothed belt drive, as used in BMW F series bikes, and Harley Davidsons actually works well on a bicycle with an internally geared hub and/or crank and there are a number of city bikes using toothed belts plus it’s popular as a timing drive on tandem bicycles.

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