Last Call: BMW marketing 101!

Marketing is a funny world. You have to put your product out there and try to get eyeballs on it. Take, for example, a company like BMW and its marketing team. Today is, apparently, Nutella Day (because… yeah, ok). So how do you work with that with respect to BMW?

You photoshop a slice of bread into a picture of a 4 Series Gran coupe sedan and add a witty caption. Marketing is fun. I bet the person who wrote this isn’t at home chugging alcohol right now.


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12 responses to “Last Call: BMW marketing 101!”

  1. Batshitbox Avatar

    Rye humor.

    1. neight428 Avatar

      I got that in ~10 seconds. I don’t know if I should feel shame because I figured it out that quickly or because it wasn’t immediately apparent.

  2. 0A5599 Avatar

    Has anyone else been having problems with Hooniverse on a mobile phone? Often, though not 100% of the time, the “paste” option (and the other choices) do not appear for me to insert a link, for instance, into my comment. A long press on the screen will then cause it to zoom in at a different part of the page.

    Selecting the “Desktop site” checkbox sometimes fixes it. The problem seems to be more frequent after visiting a Disqus notification. I started noticing it a month or two ago

    1. Sjalabais Avatar

      Disqus doesn’t load in half the tries I give it on my phone, Opera on Android. Scaling can be off. Otherwise, it’s fine. On PC though, I currently have to one-click log in every single time I open a Hooniverse tab, and choose “display media” anew. Might be my privacy settings though.

    2. Smaglik Avatar

      I have similar issues. The text box can be janky too. Good thing the people here rock, otherwise I doubt I’d put up with it! 😊

    3. neight428 Avatar

      Disqus is having another one of its fits. The not-a-robot picture clicking thing showed back up for me.

      1. Vairship Avatar

        Same here, I have to click on cars or zebra crossings again.

  3. crank_case Avatar

    We live in strange times, Brexit just happened, Sinn Fein are leading polls in the Irish election. Not that I take sides in these things, but what better trollmobiile to pick up right now that Margaret Thatchers former battlebus

    1. Sjalabais Avatar

      This certainly has a fitting dystopian vibe to it. I suppose all turrets have been removed?


      1. crank_case Avatar

        You could claim that you need them for disability reasons – I have turrets syndrome.

        I’ll get my ****ing coat….

  4. salguod Avatar

    A couple of years ago I saw this ad for BMW motorsports apparel. I’m not sure what the marketing folks were drinking when they decided that this was the right image to pair with the phrase “Unleash the Performance”.

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