Last Call: An update on “The Grand Tour”

As the title would imply, we received an update on when the next Grand Tour special will be. I like the show and was really stoked to hear that the trio wouldn’t disband once Clarkson got fired. I’m curious what you guys think about the show overall. In general, I think I liked it when they were on Top Gear a little more, it felt more natural. With The Grand Tour, I feel like there were a lot of parts that sounded extra scripted, and the whole “American” as a Stig replacement was just dumb.

Though the increased budget from Amazon really showed. Some of the stunts and trips were insane. I’m sure Clarkson doesn’t regret punching that producer all that much.

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An update.

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  1. The Grand Tour is like those aging actors who get cosmetic surgery to try to maintain their physical appearance, and then take on typecast roles that they should have given up 20 years ago. Yeah, they’re recognizable, but something looks… off. When you manage to ignore the artificiality of it all, you realize that the actors have become caricatures of themselves, repeating stale lines and expressions from when they were in their prime.

    Simply, there’s no new ground being broken here. The Grand Tour is like Plymouth in the 1990s. It’s a different badge on recycled stuff that you’d already had your fill of years ago.

    1. They are better in their side projects anymore. James May did a show on Amazon where he toured Japan. It was brilliant.

    2. I got about 3 episodes into the first season of Grand Tour, and about halfway the Conversation Street intro in perhaps the 4th episode, I turned it off and haven’t watched it since. Couldn’t agree more, Zen.

  2. I’m just gonna keep posting pictures of our Little Tour until someone tells me not to. We went buying some goat cheese, #2 in the world cheese award of 2018-2019, and found an industrial heritage gem, too:

    It is remarkable, too, how sensible people have largely moved on from Volvo to Škoda somewhat consistently, while new Volvos now are parked outside freakishly oversized cabins. Those “mountains houses” cost from four times upwards of our home, and typically see use of a total of 6-7 weeks/year.

    1. Yeah, the cheese scene in Norway has been exploding during the last five to ten years. Lots of laureates, and great stuff in the Meny shelves indeed. Are you aware of any Norwegian sheep’s milk cheese? That seems to be a gap someone should cover.

      1. Haha, no, that would require someone actually following up the sheep. Shepherds are impossible to finance given how few sheep most farms own. Our neighbours have free foreign workers (“workaway”-system and such) all the time, but even then they would have to spend a lot of time finding the animals in the mountains, milking, getting the milk in place, comply with strict hygiene standards…

        1. So how come other regions manage? Imprisoning Shawn?
          These sheep are easy to spot here, there is a roundabout where the grass is greener right here…

          1. I honestly think it boils down to Norwegian tariffs and the very small size of farms that sell upmarket goods. The guys yesterday had 7 or 8 milk-age cows (Grøthestølen). Most sheep farmers have full-time jobs in addition to having sheep. Someone might manage to produce milk, but I don’t see a trend popping up anywhere soon.

          2. Good to hear, I’ll need something to do in 35 years – when I have time and patience and a stable pension I can start milking sheep… and then, I,ll bite my own a$$ that I didn’t start that 35 years ago.

    2. You reminded me that the Yeti exists, and that I want VarioFlex seating in north america.

    3. The up-votes are in and the commentariat has ruled: We would rather look at your vacation photos than talk about “The Grand Tour”. You are now officially recognized as being more interesting than three professional television presenters with an astronomical budget to produce automobile related extravaganzas.
      We look forward to your tell-all book about how you did it, “I Was in Norway Eating Cheese and There Was a Volvo” and hope Clarkson & Co. read it closely.

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