Last Call: Ameri-Can! Edition

It just doesn’t get much more American that this – a classic Dodge Dart wagon; 440 under its dual-scoop hood, and badass tires and wheels. This Mopar was offered by Mecum in 2012 for $31,000. I wonder what it’s doing now?
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Image: Mecum Auctions


  1. Something has gone horribly wrong when I look at that and think that $31K is reasonable.

    1. I have been saying Wagons Are Here for quite some time now. If it is as nice as it looks, $31K is quite reasonable.

    This is what I got up to this weekend, wheeling about in almost $500k worth of Benzes, for a very short period. AMGs can’t really display their talents within the confines of a parking lot. On the other hand, while I was waiting in the line for the GT AMG, someone managed to spin an SL63 AMG going through a kink in a section of parking lot that was 150m long at best. Even if they weren’t the ones to turn the stability control off like they claimed, that’s still, uhh, impressive.

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