Last Call: Aircraft Enforced Edition

Perhaps every enthusiast’s nightmare is the combination of a return to the 55 MPH speed limit and the further advancement of the industrial-military complex.
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  1. Update- found a 2014 GT Track Pack with Recaros at a local shop. $25k and about 27k miles. I thought I had room to negotiate. I hit the place after work.
    Got with a rep at the store who said it JUST SOLD! Eff Me. I had some questions to satisfy- said it was tuned and with intake/exhaust was making about 450. When I pointed out the trans was a Chinese made Getrag he said he had driven the car and it was hard to shift when pushed. Then we heard it fire up… way too loud. But it was f’ng sexy.
    The MT86 trans is a disaster. The old Tremec sucked for a few years but the one in my 2005 was a rockcrusher. I’ve read up and I’m not satisfied that trans is worth the trouble. I had the crap tremec in my Bullitt. It sucked when it failed.
    Where does that put me? 2010 was the first year of the refresh, the last year for the 3v/5speed. They also command about 15% more than the first gen S197. Or buy a 5.0 and spend $5k for a tremec magnum when the Chinese trans fails.
    Or GT500.

      1. I expect the Tremecs are more expensive and also heavier than the MT86. The MT86 is also used in the Transit van and global Ranger, so it is capable of being a good gearbox. I haven’t looked at the issues since the cars first came out; is it QC issues or what is the problem?

        1. That’s it – the Getrag is cheaper than the Tremec. And for the transit van/trucks it may be a good unit. But for a performance car where high revs and fast shifts are happening… they don’t.
          Just google “mustang mt86 problems”.

          1. I know it’s cheaper, but it seems like that’s one area, especially on a 420 HP car, that a stronger transmission would be of great value. I’ve met a few people who wouldn’t buy one solely because of the transmission (granted, that’s the exception). I don’t know what the price difference would be, but it doesn’t seem like it would be so much as to push customers away.

          2. Just a bad decision on Ford’s part. At least put the tremec in the Boss and maybe track pack GTs. And Ford is thinking big picture where most people buy Mustangs to drive to work, not road race.
            Give it a few more years and Ford will admit to an issue- where 90% of the cars affected will be out of warranty and the other 10% won’t care or know as a second owner. That’s exactly what happened when the 3650 was introduced on the Bullitt/Cobra in 2001.

    1. Selfishly, I hope it takes you a looooong time to find the perfect match because this has been a lot of fun vicariously car shopping with you. Much like way back when Ann (I think that was her name, she hasn’t posted anything here since) searched through various rides, it’s a lot of fun to watch someone else decide where to spend their money. Keep the updates coming.

      1. Cool.
        I’ve just been posting to bounce ideas around… My coworkers aren’t car people, my son is a Shelby-fanboy, and my pals who are car guys want me to buy a Golf R. Because they want to drive it.
        One thing I am going to do is get a bunch of ATM balance receipts printed. Since cashing the check and moving other monies around I have a healthy checking account. So when I’m talking to a lady I can dig into my wallet and use that receipt to write my phone number.

  2. Batshitbox Asks: What road sign would really make you obey the speed limit?
    “Speed limit enforced by MAGNETS”
    “Speed limit enforced by Rod Serling”
    “Speed limit enforced by Slayer”
    “Speed limit enforced by that thing you did.”

  3. No, just an extensive network of permanent speed cameras (plus mobile ones and HWP car-mounted radar that detects the speed of oncoming traffic as it is driven), and a 2.5 mph tolerance before you are fined. That’s not a nightmare, it’s reality though.

    1. I’m always stunned by the anti crime efforts in the US. Kid steals a bicycle? Police helicopter, three cruisers and eighteen news teams ready to get down to business. In Norway, police has been nearly abandoned. Now that criminal activity by and large remains unsolved and unpunished, and road driving speeds are measurably on the up, there are some efforts to reinvigorate policing. I’m not sure yet if that will result in any real changes.

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