Last Call: A Political Message We Can All Get Behind Edition

giant meteor
For those of you living outside of the U.S. and who may not be aware, we are suffering through the quadrennial plague known as a presidential election year here, and this one is particularly pernicious. This bumper sticker pretty much sums up what many of us are thinking, and we still have six months of this bullshit to endure.
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    1. BigRedCaveTroll Avatar

      I’d vote for it.

  1. Kyle Allen Avatar

    As long as the Meteor takes out Trump and Clinton, I’m all for it.

  2. mdharrell Avatar

    Don’t blame me, I voted for the VEI 8 supervolcano.

  3. Batshitbox Avatar

    Quadrennial? We wish! Perennial more like it. Presidential campaigns go all year long, every year now.

  4. Alff Avatar

    The hell with that. I promise to build a wall to keep the meteor out … and make the alien usurpers pay.

    1. Sjalabais Avatar

      You did just say that without insulting half your electorate. I wager you’re not a 2016 model politician!

      1. Alff Avatar

        If it is wrong to put earthlings first, I don’t want to be right.

          1. Alff Avatar

            Green on the outside but…

        1. Sjalabais Avatar

          Make earth flat again!

          1. Alff Avatar

            If flat earthers were a disenfranchised voting bloc, I’ve a good idea who would be courting them.

    2. Jofes2 Avatar

      Oh screw those politically correct hypocrites with their “Meteors”. In my day everyone called them shooting stars and no one complained, but soon I guess you’re not allowed to say that either in this frigging society anymore, nor celebrate Christmas.

      1. Tiberiuswise Avatar

        I think the correct term is orbitally challenged.

  5. CraigSu Avatar

    I was behind a car this morning that was sporting bumper stickers supporting both Clinton and Sanders. Either that’s a house divided or someone really doesn’t understand how this electoral primary process works.

    1. Sjalabais Avatar

      …or someone is thinking camp before policy, probably one of the more basic issues with the US two party system.

      1. karonetwentyc Avatar

        From what I can tell, people are voting based on brand recognition rather than any of the candidates’ actual platforms, all of which are awful (much like the candidates themselves) for different reasons. Write-ins are always a possibility, but no credible write-in candidate has emerged and even if they did they’d have a hell of a time convincing the electorate to not go with what they already know.
        That said, having grown up in a country where there literally would be 15 different parties on the ballot but only three that were worth voting for, more choice does not necessarily equate to a better field of candidates.

        1. CraigSu Avatar

          I would suggest a Loony Party like the UK but that wouldn’t be any different than the two major parties we have now.

        2. dr zero Avatar
          dr zero

          Try voting for the senate in Australia!

          1. karonetwentyc Avatar

            Had to look it up to confirm, but the minute I saw that picture I had a feeling that I knew exactly what it was: proportional representation with a transferrable vote. Ireland uses the same system for both the Dáil (lower house) and Seanad (Senate, which also uses a system of appointment in addition to election) as well as the office of President which is elected separately (unless there’s only one candidate on the ballot, in which case the voting process is skipped entirely and that person is deemed the winner by default).
            I don’t know that I can actually explain how it works; hopefully that’s close enough.

        3. Vairship Avatar

          “Write-ins are always a possibility, but no credible write-in candidate has emerged” I disagree:

  6. JayP Avatar

    One of my neighbors had a huge Sanders decal on their Camry.
    A few days later it was gone – which I believe coincided with the homeowner having to call on contractors to give bids on home repairs. Just a theory.

  7. alex Avatar

    A crook or a crazy man. I shall be writing in Godzilla with my presidential vote this year.

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