Last Call: A Mystery, Indeed

I hope Scooby Snacks taste good toasted.

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  1. I’m having an Atomic Toasters moment. I’ve developed a crush on the late ’50s British HP.80 Victor strategic nuclear bomber. A plane that once accidentally lifted off and once accidentally broke the sound barrier.

    The brutish hunched shoulders that later appeared in the Harrier led to a wicked crescent wing shape, all led by an elegant, spiky nose with a distinctive flush widowed cockpit and very brave bombardier in the bottom of the nose. It’s been said that if you wanted to create a villain’s spaceship that just oozed evil, you’d do well to start with the Handley Page Victor. For some reason, a number of them were painted pink.

    The UK sadly abandoned the strategic nuclear bomber program in favor of ICBMs, even though the experts, and any man in the pub, pointed out that a bomber can be recalled after launch if there’s a false alarm. Bad day for the RAF that.

    1. Speaking of Atomic Toasters-ish things, I’ve been decidedly unable to pull myself away from Robert Kroese’s “Saga of the Iron Dragon” sci-fi/alternate-history series. As in I’ve read the whole 3-book series in about 4 days.

      Setting: by the 23rd century, humanity has gone interstellar but has promptly fallen into the losing side of a war with aliens. Earth & the solar system are already lost.
      A human starship’s crew finds a weapon that could help win the war, worth even enough to take the risk of passing through the solar system on the way back to human-controlled space, but an accident involving the jump gates for faster-than-light travel sends the ship successfully to the solar system but inexplicably back in time to the late-800’s AD and with a key part of the ship’s drive (a complicated titanium casting) damaged beyond the ship’s ability to repair.
      4 crew members from the human starship try to land on historical Earth with the starship’s lander, initially aiming just to remanufacture the damaged part. They end up crash-landing in Norway, wrecking the lander, and were pursued by an alien ship that also came through the temporal anomaly… evading it, but shortly thereafter having to deal with historical Vikings (Harald Fairhair, Ragnar, Rollo, etc.) who have their own motives.

      Eventually the 23rd-century humans have to restrict their goals to “just” putting humans in Earth orbit on Gemini-Titan II GLV (-equivalent) hardware about 1000 years early…

      1. Also speaking of AT, I checked the site just now, and the copyright date has been updated to 2019, so still a slight glimmer of life. That’s one small step for (a) man…

        1. Posted on the AT a few days ago in ” Stone age Thinking ” been collecting pictures and captions.

      2. Have you read “A Long Time Until Now” by Michael Z. Williamson. A US Army squad in modern Afghanistan gets transported back to the Neolithic Age. I don’t normally read stuff like that, I’m more into Tom Clancy, Nelson DeVille, Clive Cussler and the like, but I really enjoyed this one.

  2. Project car updates:
    Had the MX5 booked for its NCT (roadworthiness test) so that I could get a cert and sell it, took it up to the local garage to give it a quick wash and put air in the tyres… on the very short trip home it started initially running out of electricity (the aux belts had been squealing as they tend to do when a car isn’t used for ages), so I nurse it home, trying not to put load on the alternator, nearly there, then a spray of water erupts on to my windscreen and steam arises from the hood, I suspect either water pump, coolant hose or radiator has gone tits up, or all of the above.

    Cappuccino, got a major service done and clutch replaced. It also needs an NCT, but I’m wrestling with trying to sort out some play from what appears to be a badly fitted aftermarket steering wheel. Kinda mad how some people have a “that’ll do” attitude to fitting parts..

    1. Every time the eternal theme of “How much effort to put into a car that is to be sold” is evoked, a little bit of owner’s souls gets burned. Good luck!

      1. Well, effort is the key word here, not so much cash and I’d rather put that effort into the car I’m keeping and am enthused about to stay enthused about it. There’s no real debate in my head about putting more effort into the MX5 now, it’s pretty clear cut for me. I’m actually trying to persuade a friend who used to be big into project cars but has been out of it for a while and has space/incredible garage facilities to take it, for free, but it’s a case of re-igniting his mojo and him getting it past she-who-must-be-obeyed.

        If he doesn’t take it then it’ll be a case of seeing what I can get for it.

        Speaking of trying to stay enthused about working ont the Cappuccino, it’s Saturday, I have no plans, it’s daylight, it’s not raining, I really should finish go looking at that wheel, but I’m trying to motivate myself to go outdoors on whats been the coldest weather we’ve had all winter (yes, I’m sure a Scandinavian would be in shorts and a t-shirt, but its what you’re accustomed to). Motivation in 3…2…1.. damn…ok, maybe a cup of tea first?

        1. Ha, funny, I am literally just coming home from a mountain hike. Wrote above post on my ritual hamburger stop in Voss. If I hadn’t promised a friend to help him move tomorrow, I would have loved to stay up there one more night. This is from when I left this morning, at about ten o’clock:

          Sounds like you got the MX5 thing sorted out pretty well. Awesome offer to leave it with a friend…also for you, if it pans out, you get to see what could have been.

          1. Update: so I took a look at the Cappucino – and I an see more clearly where the problem is, or perhaps more accurate, where the problem is not, but I’m still stumped, so it’s an exuse to go back indoors and do some research in the service manual.

  3. Seems the lowly Astro if finally succumbing to father time, though their longevity was extremely admirable for a vehicle unlovable for all but the strangest fetishists.

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