Land Rover DeSENDer used to try and jump a house on a bike

Brendan Fairclough is a mad lad. He’s insane on a mountain bike and he’s also clearly getting tired of being cooped up in his house. Well, his house isn’t sticking around for much longer anyway, as he’s set to raze it and have a new one built. Before it goes, he’s decided to try and jump it. How does this tie into automotive content? The ramp he’s using is one he’s built into the back of his wonderfully stubby Defender 90 single cab truck. We’re calling it the DeSENDer.

How does the jump work out? Well, it doesn’t go as planned. Skip to the end if you want to see the massive case. But Fairclough is no worse for wear and laughs the whole thing off. The sketchiest part of this video? It has to be the wooden stands they drive the Landie on to get the ramp closer to the house. That looks, quite frankly, ripe for disaster. Smash the house, but keep the DeSENDer ready to rock.


  1. If you look at the trajectory on the lead image from the ramp to the roof, you’ll be spoiled on the ending.

    And further, this is supportive of one my universal theories, that is, there are hillbillies everywhere, and they are particularly fond of motorsports.

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