Lamborghini Weekend Edition – 1974 Lamborghini Espada Series III


It should be remembered Lamborghini unveiled the Espada as early as 1968. It was based on the Marzal show car, also a Bertone design, with lengthy glass gullwing doors and a very weird silver interior. Lamborghini had been making cars for only a few years, and the Espada already completed their line-up with a four-seater GT that could actually accommodate people.

This Espada is a later car, a 1974 Series III. It’s also a US-market version, which on a mid-70s car means all kinds of appearance-altering bits like protruding rubber bumpers. Check it out.


My favorite thing about the Espada is the way the roof curves ever so slightly to the rear deck. It’s almost a straight line, and the front and rear overhangs respond to that almost boat-like.


Clap-hands windshield wipers, NACA ducts.. and a front bumper that looks to be pilfered out of a Federalized bumper car.



Here’s the rear deck glass in full. It also has a Honda-like vertical window, and making CRX comparisons here probably borders on blasphemous.


“Let’s put a dial here. And a switch here. Put all the dials in here. Damn, there’s no room for the stereo… Let’s put it on the left. Ain’t no-one going to mess with my tunes.”


The quad-cam, 350-horsepower V12 is an admirable sight. For a Malaise era US-market car, it’s admirably unrestrained. Of course, this particular car is one of 55 built with TorqueFlite automatic transmissions, so there’s that.


The white car has also been customized with light pinstriping in red and blue. Somehow, it actually improves the looks. I’m also fond of the purposeful-looking wheels.

This 33 000 mile car is for sale for 46 500 dollars , at Fantasy Junction, Emeryville, California. Take a look at the listing.

[Images: Fantasy Junction]

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7 responses to “Lamborghini Weekend Edition – 1974 Lamborghini Espada Series III”

  1. topdeadcentre Avatar

    Just think of the CRX as a micro-sized homage to the Espada.
    The only ratty Lamborghini's I've ever seen were both Espadas.

  2. Maxichamp Avatar

    Fantasy Junction is just two towns over, but I've never been there. I need to go to there.

  3. lilpoindexter Avatar

    There was a big ass "LAMBORGHINI" book in the mid 80's at the local library. I was an impressionable youff in my early teens at the time. When you thought Lamborghini, you thought cocaine/ miami vice/ winged/ spoilered Countach. When I saw how beautiful the very first Countaches (with no ugly wings and spoilers) and Espadas were, I thought that Lamborghini should have been more popular than Ferrari.

  4. Felis_Concolor Avatar

    I won't ding you for the comparison; the dual-glass solution is an elegant way to address the rearward visibility problem of the Kammback tail.
    And considering how many Vegas and Gremlins show up on an image search using that term, it's hardly the worst comparison one could make.

  5. Alcology Avatar

    This thing is such an ugly beast. It's like a pug, impossible not to love. Cart around your friends in V12 style. The stereo is probably located there for another reason as well; you'll never want to turn the stereo on. Just listen to those sweet vrooms and be on your way. I would want one in a heartbeat, yet this is a car that I'd kick out of the hooniverse garage.

  6. Sjalabais Avatar

    I will forever think about Lorrie Stern when I see, hear or read about the Espada. And that woman is the best ambassador the car could possibly have. Strange machine and a bold design for its time – a true Lamborghini, that is.

  7. Van_Sarockin Avatar


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