Lamborghini Espada For Sale: I Give Up On These Damn Webers Edition

Would you like espada green tea?
Would you like espada green tea?

Lamborghinis from the ’70s are the tourettes of exotic cars- twitchy, edgy, and with the constant threat that they will undertake some radical dynamic that will end up with you in a ditch wondering what the hell just happened. On top of that, the Bizzarrini-designed 3,929-cc V12 is one of the most temperamental engines to try and maintain, requiring a phalanx of mechanics to keep the sextet of 40DCOEs all in key. But this one, for sale in Astoria NY, has eliminated that second problem with a heart transplant.

Espadas were Lamborghini’s grand touring 4-seaters, seeing out the sixties, and trying to make sense of the cocaine-infused ’70s. This metallic green example is going for a song- at least the seller is hoping somebody will want it to the tune of $17,500.
Now, Espadas have the dubious honor of being the highest production Lambos of their day, and over a 9-year period, over 1,217 cars were made. This one has a couple of aspects about it that are a bit sketchy. First off is that motor- which looks like it’s out of a C4 Corvette. Now, it takes up about half the space the Lambo twelve did, and it lowers the maintenance costs by three quarters. You could also drop in just about any Chevy small block as the sweat equity for the conversion has already been done. But that means you lose the crazy baritone of the V12 engine, as well as any credibility with other Espada owners. But so what? You’re not interested in impressing those guys, you just want to cruise around in that amazing Gandini-penned flattop body, your own body splayed out almost horizontal to fit under the impossibly low roofline. And that dream is only $17,500 away.
Now, an Espada, with its original motor, is about a $28K car, so you might want to consider the other major issue with this recently dragged into the sunlight machine- and that is is crappy interior. The series 2 Espada had a messy but artistic dash, and the thin seats offered little in the way of support. This car has both of those issues, as well as 30 years worth of unrepaired wear and tear. That’s going to set you back a pretty penny to bring into any kind of condition that is no longer cringe-worthy. And that’s completely discounting everything else that potentially could be wrong with this car.
Espada Vette
So there you go- Corvette heart beating in an Armani suit. While $17,500 seems like a scary starting point for an Espada, this is an intriguing car. Anybody want to take him up on the offer?
Thanks to Syrax for the tip!

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  1. JeepyJayhawk Avatar

    why does it have a student drive foot brake?

    1. joshuman Avatar

      I think that is a foot rest for the passenger.

      1. Patrick D Farmer Avatar
        Patrick D Farmer

        So the passenger can blow out his fudge in a knee locked position with his ass raised, saving the fresh seat cover from being flooded by intestinal fluids. The passenger sock tops and heals will stink like shit. So you could call it the Shit Heal pedal.

    2. Charles_Barrett Avatar

      That's a prayer bar for your passenger to kneel upon when your driving is helping them to rediscover religion…

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  3. CptSevere Avatar

    A Lamborghini beater? Are you kidding? Hell yes. Sign me up. I'm emptying my imaginary bank account of imaginary money for this bastard right now. Oh, man, I'd steam clean the interior so it wasn't so funky and then climb in and floor it. So what, no V12. Too bad. A small block Chevy will hold up to more abuse, and this car is just plain sexy, like an aging Cougar in tight leather pants who just wants to, um, party. Well, I'm showing some miles myself, so who am I to complain about a willing partner with experience and newly replaced bodily parts? I'm not all that proud.

  4. cabriolet cars Avatar
    cabriolet cars

    I like the old style of it but i would not go near that! Someone has just got to learn how to tame it

  5. Edwin Woo Avatar
    Edwin Woo

    Interesting for sure…..runs on gas? Wow…..what a car. Scrap person would give you? Nice bucket.

  6. David Lang Avatar
    David Lang

    I bought this car in Dec of 2010 for 14k from Gullwing Motors in NY. It does have a cast iron 85-86 Corvette/Camero TPI engine that runs like new after some tuning and repairs. The waterpump was running backward ever since the engine swap (vbelts installed instead of a serpentine belt) and overheated constantly which I believe is why the mileage of the car is a low 43K and it ended up a Gullwing for about 5 years. The interior was made new again with $400 worth of carpets, front seats recovered and the balance of the interior leather redyed. The awful shift boot was replaced also. I haven't caught any strange diseases yet from sitting inside of it.
    It came with a BorgWarner 5 speed and with the weight saving of around 400 pounds from the 12 cylinder and 5 speed to the Chev units and having about the same power, it goes real good down the road. Dave Lang, Puyallup, WA

  7. Pete Avatar

    Thanks for the follow up, have fun with the car!

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