Kris Meeke returns to the WRC, this time with Toyota Gazoo Racing

Kris Meeke made an early exit from his Citroën WRC career. The race team supporting him at the time felt he was crashing far too often and that led to a dismissal for Meeke and co-driver Paul Nagle. Despite his recent slew of offs, Meeke is a talented driver and a likable one to boot, so it’s good to see him pick up with another team. That would be Toyota Gazoo Racing, which just snagged Meeke to run its Yaris through the woods and over the hills.
Meek seems genuinely happy to be back in a race car and also seems at ease with his new team:

It’s just a huge pleasure and honor to be back. Three years ago, I sat down with Tommi Makinen and discussed the possibility of me going there, but at the time it was just a vision. I would have needed to commit to a season without any rallies at first, and at the time, I needed to do a full season because I had never done one up to that point. Tommi understood my point of view, but the simplicity and logic of his vision never went away from me, and even once I had made my decision, part of me wondered if I’d missed an opportunity. So I’m delighted and grateful to have that opportunity again.

The 47th season of the WRC series kicks off in January 2019 in Monte Carlo.
[Source: YouTube via Road & Track]

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2 responses to “Kris Meeke returns to the WRC, this time with Toyota Gazoo Racing”

  1. crank_case Avatar

    Good to see him back. – funny how he gets a very subtle dig in against the Citroen car.

  2. fede Avatar

    I don’t really like when teams drop drivers mid season (on any series), for whatever reason it seems wrong to me.
    I’m glad meeke made it back, and in no worse condition than before.

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