Junkyard Jumble – Answer Time!

Ah ha! I was correctith - that was indeed an Edesl!

Earlier today I posted a scan from the pages of a Consumer Auto Guide from 1985 with a Junkyard Jumble.
Some of you attempted to work out which vehicles were being shown in the image. Hop the jump for your answer guide.
The answers are as follows:
1.  1959 Oldsmobile
2.  1957 Mercury
3.  1959 Chevrolet
4. 1957 Oldsmobile
5.  1958 Edsel
6.  1959 Ford
7.  1956 Buick
8.  1955 Cadillac
9. 1957 Chevrolet
10. 1960 Chevrolet
11.1959 Chevrolet
12.  1960 Pontiac
13.  1960 Mercury
14.  1960 Dodge
15.  1953 Mercury
16.  1956 Pontiac
17.  1957 Desoto
18.  1959 Chevrolet


  1. I wish I was that knowledgeable about cars back from that era. I can probably do pretty well with really mashed up cars from the 80's, but this era, not so much so.
    Didn't read the whole previous post, but congrats to the Hoonigans who got right answers!

  2. Not too shabby, if I do say so myself. I'm kind of amused at how often I either had the right car but was off by a year or I had the right year and was off by one make (for example, I guessed Buick when the correct answer was Olds.)

    1. Yeah, of the eight I got wrong, 55% correct though, 4 of them were the same manufacturer but wrong marque…I still came in last though…
      Good job to Smells_Homeless, 11/18 and to
      mda 37, 15/18…do you have an old copy of Consumer Guide laying around?
      Thanks for the fun time Jeff..

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