Jason Bright Shows Hooniverse Some Love

We’ve talked before about what a gentleman Jason Bright has been to Hooniverse. He’s spent a great deal of time chatting with us, and has been only too open about giving us some insight to the world of racing.  It would be an understatement to say that we’re grateful; one of the main reasons we started Hooniverse was to expand our knowledge, and to facilitate a learning process for both our audience and ourselves, and having a resource like that who we’ve been able to turn to and ask questions has been enormously valuable. 




And kinda cool, let’s be honest.

After Jason had once again been kind enough to answer a question I’d had, I made the quip that he’d certainly secured his place as a patron saint of Hooniverse. “If we had the money,” I think I commented, “We’d be buying all the space we could afford on that Commodore of yours!”

Without missing a beat, he suggested that we send him a Hooniverse decal, and he’d put it on his Commodore for us. We knew we had to make that happen. And happen it did:

I’ll challenge any site out there to find another professional racing driver who is even ten percent of the gentleman that our Mr. Bright has been. Once again, our sincere thanks, and we’ll continue to cheer you on. With any luck, when the V8 Supercars finally show up here in North America in 2013, we’ll have it arranged that Brighty has his own private cheering section. If we were able to give him the payback he deserves, it’d be the whole friggin’ grandstand.

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