One of the coolest Toyota wagons ever is the late-’80s, early-’90s E90 body All-Trac wagon, which differs greatly from the regular shape FWD wagon.
The 4WD wagon took the fenders from the coupe-like Corolla Liftback 5-door, and mated them to a more avantgarde body, which was done up in the same style as the earlier, slightly unsymmetrical Tercel wagon. Depending of the market, the wagon was named in various ways, including “Sprinter Carib”.

The US version was called the All-Trac, while the European version just went with Corolla 4WD Wagon.
Some of the Japanese market models clearly resembled Subaru Legacy wagons in their detailing.
And of course, the interior shots showed a fully loaded dashboard and an automatic shifter.
toyota_sprinter_carib_7 (1)
I particularly enjoy the “FIELD HUNTER” nomenclature on this light bar. Photo by Tennen-Gas, Wikimedia.