Japanese Party Van in Finland: 2002 Nissan Elgrand Highway Star

elgrand Japanese vans are pretty commonplace here, as a lot of stuff is still moved from place A to location B with a Toyota Hiace, or a Nissan Vanette at the very least. This narrow and tall, totally JDM-weird RHD people carrier immediately caught my eye, and at first I took it for a Toyota Granvia, as those are the Hiace equivalent. But no, this was a Nissan! elgrand5 The 2002-built van is the kind of vehicle I imagine Japan to be filled with, alongside little kei-cars and anonymous taxicabs. It’s definitely not all R30-R31-R32-R33-R34-R35 from one street to another. elgrand1 The sturdy wheels look similar to Mercedes ones. I especially like the folding mirror integration. elgrand4 The “Highway Star” spec Elgrand uses a 3.5-litre VQ35DE V6, said to produce all of 243 horsepower. elgrand2 Elgrand vans like this are very rare anywhere outside Japan, I guess. Finding one in broad daylight in smalltown Finland is definitely weird.

The resident Finn of Hooniverse. Owns old Peugeots and whatnot, writes long thinkpieces on unloved cars. These two facts might be related.

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