Japanese Party Van in Finland: 2002 Nissan Elgrand Highway Star

elgrand Japanese vans are pretty commonplace here, as a lot of stuff is still moved from place A to location B with a Toyota Hiace, or a Nissan Vanette at the very least. This narrow and tall, totally JDM-weird RHD people carrier immediately caught my eye, and at first I took it for a Toyota Granvia, as those are the Hiace equivalent. But no, this was a Nissan! elgrand5 The 2002-built van is the kind of vehicle I imagine Japan to be filled with, alongside little kei-cars and anonymous taxicabs. It’s definitely not all R30-R31-R32-R33-R34-R35 from one street to another. elgrand1 The sturdy wheels look similar to Mercedes ones. I especially like the folding mirror integration. elgrand4 The “Highway Star” spec Elgrand uses a 3.5-litre VQ35DE V6, said to produce all of 243 horsepower. elgrand2 Elgrand vans like this are very rare anywhere outside Japan, I guess. Finding one in broad daylight in smalltown Finland is definitely weird.

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