James May goes low-res to unpimp a Honda CBR Fireblade

James May is a low-resolution man. He likes his vehicles stock and he is willing to take the time to “un-pimp” his ride. The ride in question here is a Honda CBR Fireblade motorcycle. It’s wearing a tinted windscreen and that just cannot be on a vehicle fit for Mr. May.
He removes it. Removes the tint. Then reinstalls the windscreen. It’s a simple video. Yet it shows why May is the best of The Grand Tour trio. He can be funny with little effort. Even in a short clip, displayed at 240p, and showing a basic bike fix.
This is a perfect appetizer clip for the rest of your Friday, enjoy.


  1. I wish I had that kind of room in my garage. I’m thinking of taking down a wall to expand the garage to get both my Lotus and Sportwagon in.

  2. If you haven’t seen The Reassembler, look it up on YouTube. Couple hours of happy puttering in the garage for your viewing pleasure.

      1. They also did a “Drink to Britain” where they wandered around England’s pubs trying different beers. Not a bad gig if you can talk the BBC into it!

  3. Why would this be tinted to start with? Does that improve instrument readability in sunlight? Or is it just pimped?

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