James Bond to drive an electric Rapide? That’s quite alright

I love the James Bond films. My favorite Bond? It’s actually the current one as I dig the darker 007 elements at play in Daniel Craig’s journey. He’s had some wicked rides to pilot along the way. The callback to the classically excellent Aston Martin DB5 was great. His beat-to-hell DBS from Quantum of Solace remains one of the all-time great Bond chase scenes. And now we’re starting to hear a bit about the next car that James will most certainly wreck; an electric Aston Martin RapidE.

James Bond Quantum of Solace

Listen, I love engine noise. A V12 is heaven and a V8 is certainly great. But having Bond hop behind the wheel of an electric car makes good sense for the film, not just for Aston Martin’s own marketing efforts. James Bond is a spy. He’s always been a little too Look At Me! for his spywork though, even if it’s entertaining. Now he may have a proper spy car to call his own.

Electric power means instant delivery of torque and horsepower. It also means silent running. Hopefully Q Branch have worked up a special long-range battery back and motor setup, as we don’t want to see James hunting for a Level 3 charging station. Hell, this one probably charges through special tires that sap up an unrealistic amount of energy from suspension and braking movements. That bit doesn’t matter.

Electron Bond

What does matter is that an important car for Aston Martin’s future gets a decent amount of screen time. And to have Bond potentially make it look cool certainly won’t hurt. Yes, I’d love to see 007 whip through a crowded city center or a dimly lit back road in the latest DBS Superleggera. Hell, pop him into one of Aston’s latest insane-o machines for a moment while you’re at it. I certainly will not bemoan the decision to use an electric vehicle though, as it’s the most truly spy worthy machine in Craig’s entire run as Bond.

And if an electric car can gain acceptance in the Bond film world, hopefully this opens the door for the next actor to play Bond; Idris Elba. You know he’d make a damn fine 007. Hopefully that gets to happen.

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