It Was Fun Meeting A Fellow Hoon, The Followup

As this olelongrooffan mentioned on New Year’s Day, I hooked up with a fellow blogger down in Fantasyland for lunch and some wandering.

During lunch, Kashgar mentioned he had seen more Bentleys in Naples than he had seen in any other place in the world. Yeah, it is Fantasyland that’s for sure. Anyway, we had a great lunch and afterwards headed over to check out some sights.

Now the above race car was featured in my previous post but I thought I would let all my fellow Hoons see what it looked like from the front. And yes Hoons, that is a Bentley convertible off to the side.

And just as with car shows, it is always cool to see what is in the parking lot!

As Kashgar and this olelongrooffan entered that clean as hell shop, this is what we were treated to. Just check out the variety of automotive beauty in that image. A modified mid 70’s Camaro, A Shelby Cobra (didn’t check to see if it was real), a 1929 Deusenberg Touring Car  Packard Phaeton and a mid 60’s Volkswagen bus!

While we were there we were lucky enough to hear this old Deusie Packard start up and purr like a kitten. It was super sweet and a real treat!

And this olelongrooffan must apologize for the blurriness of this image. I included it only to further demonstrate the variety in this shop. That is an early 60’s Ford Thunderbird Speedster and a mid 70’s Ford pickup undergoing a restoration!

And another image of the parking lot out back.

I then got to looking at this old VW bus a little closer and inside, just behind the front seats I counted 15 12 volt batteries of the Interstate persuasion. Could it be?

As this olelongrooffan was down on my hands and knees checking out the drivetrain, one of the wrenches came over and lifted the hatch. Sure enough, a sweet old bus was undergoing a major transformation into an electric powered hippy mover!

Even Manfred’s work area was seemingly spotless.
Well, by this time Kashgar and this olelongrooffan had seen all there was to be seen at the F1 shop and I suggested we head over to one other dealership that usually had some interesting and quite Hoonable stuff.
The first thing we spotted upon arrival was this grey market Mercedes completely devoid of any badging.

Both Kashgar and I loved the stance this one had and with the MacDill Air Force Base sticker on the windshield, he speculated that a member of our armed forces may have brought this one home.

We also checked out this super cool Jaguar MkII if I remember correctly. $29,000.

The last Hoonible sight Kashgar and this olelongrooffan saw that Truck Thursday was this mid 80’s Mercedes 190 Evolution. It was sad to see it in this shape though.

And both Kashgar and I gasped when we realized what sticker was on the rear of that piece of German engineering!

All in all, a great day was had by this olelongrooffan and if any of my fellow Hoons get the opportunity to meet a total stranger whose writings you have been following for a while, by all means seize that opportunity and Hoon the Hell out of it!

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  1. eggwich Avatar

    Wow, the only thing more beautiful than those cars is that garage.

  2. blueplate Avatar

    What a great outing. I wonder if the black Mercedes was the 500E/E500 (co-developed with Porsche).

    1. Matt Avatar

      Yeah, it definitely is. The flared wheel arches give it away.

  3. fede Avatar

    is the car on the elevator a packard?
    the black thunderbird and the white jag look really nice… the hummer clearly does not.

    1. longrooffan Avatar

      Yes, it is a Packard, my bad and it's been fixed. Thanks.

  4. richard slap Avatar
    richard slap

    this olelongrooffan is driving this olelongrooffan crazy the way this olelongrooffan refers to this olelongrooffan as this olelongrooffan every chance this olelongrooffan gets.

  5. richard slap Avatar
    richard slap

    in all seriousness, this olelongrooffan did enjoy this olelongrooffan's series of articles on this olelongrooffan's friend's garage. quite a collection.

  6. swisshoon Avatar

    Having owned a grey market , 1985 190E 2.3-16, I'm sure that white car in the pics is not an Evolution, and it's probably not even an original 2.3-16 or 2.5-16. The paint color, interior color, spolier, body kit and wheels are wrong.
    Actually, since it probably doesn't have the 16 valve engine, it would be cool to strip it, put in a cage and shake it down in the 4 cylinder division of your local NASCAR short track in preparation for an epic LeMons campaign. If I've learned anything from televised automotive auctions, the sticker is a clear indication of racing "provenance", right? 😉

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