It Lives…Again!

The button press heard 'round the (crapheap racing) world...

At Casa_de_Science, the beast so ridiculous fearsome other LeMons teams dare not speak its name is roused from its slumber. Sights and (garbled) sounds of this momentous occasion after the jump.

[Moving pictures courtesy of one Jeff Glucker.]


  1. I'm new to the site, so forgive me if I'm asking something already known (also forgive my english, here in Uruguay we speak spanish!), which bmw model is the überbird? the sound of the engine at the begining of didn't seem very healthy…
    congrats for the great site, and nice rear wing too.

    1. It is a piece of crap 1982 BMW 633 CSI
      It is healthy enough to run a race (maybe…)
      Thanks for reading in Uruguay!!

    2. The audio's pretty crappy.
      …and the engine is a little unhappy when it starts.
      ?Como se dice "rod knock"?

    1. No, haha… that logo is actually from the CSI:Miami livery. When we repainted we covered it and kept it… because we love Phil more than a man should love another man. I mean WOMAN! Phil is a woman named Murilee…
      I shouldnt be checking this from the Bahamas…

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