Is this the only Fiat Tipo in the States?

Aimless Craigslist searching reveals some very strange finds. You might stumble upon a killer deal. You might see a hodgepodge homebuilt chaos-machine. Or you might come across something extremely rare.

Something like a Fiat Tipo. Happening upon what the seller claims is “the only one known in the US,” I can’t help but wonder: is it? Hoon-In-Chief Jeff Glucker’s brief search revealed so, and then Antti went so far as to bring up the same car’s Bring A Trailer listing from nearly three years ago.

In all truth I didn’t even know about the Tipo until finding this Craigslist ad. And it makes sense: the Tipo was never sold in the USA. Sure, I’ve heard of more than my share of JDM forbidden-fruit and even gray-market German offerings, but those have been popularized by movie and automotive culture. The Tipo… not so much.

This first model year example has a shockingly low 55,000 miles, period-correct five-spoke wheels, and the all-important bright-red paint. Mated to a five-speed stick, the four-cylinder engine at least makes for an interesting pairing. It’s a rather, er, unique looking car, but neat in a way no car sold in the ‘States ever was.

All this Italian rarity can be yours for only $6500.

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