In photos: Greenwich Cars & Coffee, Aug. 2017 edition

If you follow our Instagram account you know that a few months back I attended one of the more affluent car gatherings– at least in my area– at a meetup that consumes the whole of Greenwich Avenue in the quaint, ultra-wealthy town bearing the same name as that of the street on which the show takes place.
With carbon-fiber body panels, re-imagined German sports cars, an absolute plethora of vehicles exhibiting their owners’ wealth and, much to our content, their willingness to have other car enthusiasts swooning up close and personal over their respective rides, it was impossible to not have an enjoyable morning. Greenwich Cars & Coffee is one of the rare opportunities to closely inspect and take in the real-life, in-person drama and aura of many of the cars we regularly discuss and fantasize over on the internet. From Singer Porsches to carbon-fiber Hellcats, Greenwich C&C is, unquestionably, a show worth going to.
Click past the jump to take in some of the sights and highlights from this past summer’s event.

The perfect morning for top-removed driving, my buddy Dom, lifelong friend and tastefully modified C5 owner, picked me up so we could combine for one vehicle to arrive in on the crowded shop-laden street. Pulling into the town with exhaust roaring and targa off, we immediately caught glimpses of cars the likes of Lamborghinis, Ferraris, NSXs, Porsches, and, on the other end of the spectrum, modified Subarus. Many cars were heard before they were seen, and upon following a slew of other sports cars onto Greenwich Avenue, we promptly parked beside the Porsche owned by my friend Kevin (with whom I attended the stateside unveiling of the McLaren 570GT last summer), jumped out, locked the car, and turned our eyes and ears towards the vehicles rolling in behind us.
One of my favorite parts of meetups like this is playing “What’s that Sound?” The game becomes much, much more difficult with the variety of sounds being created by a drastically larger sample than that of the traditional Corvette, Mustang, BMW, and Porsche-heavy Cars & Coffee get-together, and hearing a car from the 50s alongside seven-digit-supercars amidst startup and full bellow keeps you on your toes for the “game.”
But much of the fun of a Cars & Coffee like this is how much it doesn’t feel like a traditional C&C. Whereas your normal Sunday morning gathering might involve a small-ish group of die-hard enthusiasts mingling about in an overflowing parking lot, Greenwich C&C is a massive, all-inclusive showing that brings out not just those same die-hards but also as well as those who only seek out the larger, more diversified shows, and, much to some of their dismay, many, many of those who simply stumble upon the event. It’s easy to tell that hordes of people simply meant to explore the shops on Greenwich Avenue and were treated to, or are inconvenienced by, the expensive pieces of machinery lining the ‘Ave. For us Car Folks though, it’s a truly enjoyable way to spend a morning.
Highlights for me were the RUF CTR, Singer Porsche, and, on the front of “car I’d like to own most,” the wagon-ified RS4. The CTR was, obviously, a jaw-dropper; it was truly stunning, outrageous, and a shock to see in person. On the contrary, the Singer was wholly restrained and looked to be crafted unlike anything I’ve ever seen before; the interior was absolutely exquisite and yet it was a car I still would have paid money to drive even just down the block. But it was the wagon-body-swapped RS4 that stuck with me most. Ignoring maintenance and engine design flaws, is it the perfect do-it-all car? It very well might be close. Six-speed manual, glorious-sounding V8, German pre-huge-mouth good looks, and a wagon body. Painted in the dark green it was, I had to be pulled away from it. My oh my, what a car.
Enough talk; I’ll let the photos do the talking. Not everything noteworthy from the show is pictured here, but rather only those of which the picture came out decent enough to post. So, months later, here are some highlights from the August 2017 Greenwich Cars & Coffee.

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7 responses to “In photos: Greenwich Cars & Coffee, Aug. 2017 edition”

  1. Rover 1 Avatar
    Rover 1

    I thought RS4s came as wagons and didn’t need to be ‘wagonified’ ?
    Also, that lovely light green (Singer?) 911, did they run out of money to paint the roof ?, or is that a trick of the light?
    Isn’t it a shame that even though this is the ultimate, best (IMHO) 911 model styling wise, the well resolved styling is compromised to be more ‘retro’ in the Singers?
    I’m sorry, but for me Singer will always mean George’s car company founded over a century ago and my father’s mint Singer Vogue. (How did Range Rover end up with the name?)

    1. Ross Ballot Avatar
      Ross Ballot

      If I’m correct, RS4 wagons were available in Europe, but I know for fact that the RS4 was not available as a wagon here in the ‘States.
      And yes, it is indeed a Singer, and the roof’s paint only looks washed out due to my poor photography skills

      1. Rover 1 Avatar
        Rover 1

        It must be the way the roof is in sun with the rest of the car in shade, nothing wrong with your photography 🙂

    2. Zentropy Avatar

      I don’t think Audi ever sold the RS4 Avant in the States, so this one is perhaps a “RS4-ified” Avant.

      1. Rover 1 Avatar
        Rover 1

        They’re the more common RS4 version here in NZ. Popular for skiing fans who are too rich for Subarus.

      2. outback_ute Avatar

        That is what I took it to mean – much easier to swap drivetrain pieces and install flares than to put an Avant rear end onto a sedan!

  2. Kyle Avatar

    I just love this show. I made it to all of the shows this year minus one and its so worth the 200 mile round trip to see a good mix of some of the finest cars out there that you would never see otherwise and not only that, but see and hear them running. The Paganis are truly breathtaking.

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