If you’re going to race, you need a V8. That was the thinking, at least, for those running Pro Stock drag racing events. And those V8 engines needed to be monsters too. We’re talking 700 cubic-inch beasts making monster power. Yet Buddy Ingersoll rolled up to the starting line with a much smaller mill… and nearly shocked the entire field.

Ingersoll drove a Buick Regal with two fewer cylinders than everyone else. Pull his hood off and you’ll find a 268 cubic-inch V6. Albeit one breathing through a pair of turbochargers. The rest of the competition wanted nothing to do with Ingersoll and his silly little Regal. And they would typically get him off the line, but once those turbos spooled up Ingersoll would rocket past them to take the win. He climbed all the way into the final race before finally losing out to Bob Glidden in a mountain motor-powered Ford.

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