RC 1/10 scale Land Rover DIscovery on a trail

I want one! Can scaled-down adventure vehicles have just as much fun as the real deal?

I have had RCs on the brain more often than not lately. And this video I came across on YouTube isn’t helping my desire to own one. It features 1/10th scale vehicles roaming around like the real things. One is a full Camel Trophy-spec Land Rover Discovery while the other is a new Ford Bronco. I like the Bronco just fine, but it’s the Camel Trophy rig that has me drooling.

The video is light on details so just click play and sit back. You can see the great articulation of the Disco, yet it also gets stuck in a spot. So the operator backs it up out of a sandy spot and tackles the obstacle from a better angle. This time it gets through. This is how you do it in real life too! Well, real-life scaled up to 1:1. Technically this is all real life, minus the fact we’re in a simulation, of course.

If you’re so inclined, share some good RC clips in the comment section. This can only make this brain worm dig deeper inside my skull before I actually purchase something that I wind up using 3 times and then put on a shelf somewhere.

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