"I Didn't Sleep Good for a Week" – Vintage Dirt Track Carnage

We know LeMons is a bit of a circus on-track, but at least there we’ve got flaggers to let us know if half the field is wrecked and on fire.
Hat Tip: lilwillie

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  1. citroen67 Avatar

    fat fenders and swinging doors…that is when racin' was racin'!

  2. CptSevere Avatar

    Love these vintage dirt track stock cars. Now, that's a rat rod. PAH!
    Good Lord, that was something else the way they just kept piling up. I kept waiting for the rest of the cars to stop, but they all kept coming. You'd think that the big pall of smoke would make them slow down. Of course, with the puny drum brakes, maybe they were actually trying to. And, I loved the commentary. It's like he was describing a WW2 firefight.

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