Hundreds of hoontastic cars to be auctioned in Utah.

There was this guy, Jeffrey Lane Mowen, who bilked investors to the tune of $18 million in an apparent Ponzi scheme.  Mr. Mowen then promptly went to jail.  Did I mention he tried to have 4 witnesses killed from the comfort of his jail cell?  Interesting feller, this guy.  I could go on and on but you guys have all heard this story before in varying shades of dirtbag.  What really makes this story interesting is the cars.  Lots and lots of cars!
You see before the sky fell on Mr. Mowens head, he amassed quite a large collection of interesting and unique cars.  Over the past year the U.S. Marshalls have confiscated close to 300 vehicles from various garages, storage units and even residences from around the Salt Lake valley. 
Check out the gallery for some highlights.  Links to the auction below.
[nggallery id=26]
There are two auctions set for Jan 7th & Jan 21st.  See the full auction galleries here and here.
Source: KSL 1, 2, 3


  1. What an unusual collection of good, bad, and just plain odd-ball cars. He has TWO of those 50s Ford looking T-birds?!?!
    Strange how many really cool collector cars that the govt. has ended up auctioning off. One of the most famous was 10-15 years ago one of 2 1969 Corvette ZL-1s (all aluminum L-88 427) was seized from a drug dealer and auctioned.

    1. At least they only molested base V6 cars ("4" at character 8 in the VIN… anything interesting gets a letter)
      I like the '70 Goat but the rims and tires would be gone ASAP with Rally II's or Cragar S/S's in their place.

  2. Most of those don't look like they have been driven in years. If Mr. Mowens were not already in jail he should be put there anyway for letting such vehicles rot.

  3. I'm surprised that they can even auction off the Figaro, the Barchetta and the AZ-1 when you consider that they are here under very questionable circumstances.

  4. For the most part, this dick has terrible taste in cars, and absolutely shitty taste in bikes. There are some nice cars here, but like Alff says, off with his head for the EasyRods, and the kitcars. Those bikes made my eyes water. Junk.
    Utah County is a hotbed for financial scams. Notorious for that and multi-level marketing schemes involving alfalfa pills. Actually, anybody gullible enough to fall for whatever horseshit this guy was selling almost deserves their fate. Still, off with his head.

  5. Did anybody notice that 'Easyrider' bike? Didn't one of the original film bikes get clipped from Dennis Hopper's garage? It would be funny if that turned out to be his bike.

  6. An interesting mix of cool Detroit iron, a few interesting sports cars and a fair degree of dubious taste. Clearly a collection that illustrates, once again, that "Cocaine is hellava drug."
    Having said that, I'll gladly take that 63 Mercury Monterey convertible.

  7. This auction is back on for April 1st at 10am. See you there! The wait is over. Also check out the auction the day after of over 50 cars on April 2nd. Some really great ones.

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