Hot Wheels is your key to beating ATM Fees – per Road & Track


Friend of Hooniverse Zach Bowman is a crafty gent. He knows how to enjoy our country even when the Government attempts to stop him, he’s turning an old Fox Body Mustang into a potential master machine, and now he’s explaining how he beats the banks at their own game.

Typically, when one wants to withdraw cash from an ATM, there is a fee associated with the transaction. It can rise as high as three bucks for standard banks, or five to ten if you stop at … um, never mind, I’ve never seen an ATM with a fee that high. Nope, wouldn’t know what type of place has cash machines like that. So, those fees certainly add up over time. There’s a solution though, and it involves acquiring Hot Wheels.

Head over to Road & Track to see what Bow Man is a genius.

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