The goal of the Hot Wheels Legends Tour is to discover cool full-size rides that would still be cool when scaled down to, oh say, 1/64 size. This is the third year Hot Wheels has embarked on this mission. It’s the first time doing so virtually with fans watching from all over as a panel of experts and Snoop Dogg decided on a winner. And the winning machine is pretty damn badass. Riley Stair is the owner and builder of this 1970 Pontiac Trans Am. It’s a wicked machine truly deserving to be small-scale enshrined and celebrated.

Stair built this car in a space next to his parent’s house. It must be one hell of a space, because this car is an absolute monster. Under the hood is a 400 cubic-inch V8 that reves to 10,000 RPM. The engine was built by Motor Machine, which started with an LSX Dart block. Inside live a set of titanium valves, springs, and retainers. There are billet bits, 16:25:1 compression, and methanol fuel at work here. This is wild… and it’s an all-motor 1,000-hp beauty.

The judges

This event was live-streamed on Jay Leno’s Garage YouTube channel and also broadcast on Hot Wheels’ Facebook page. Thousands of vehicles were entered but Riley reigned supreme. The final panel of judges included Jay Leno, comedian Gabriel Iglesias (He loves VW Buses), stunt person Brionna Lynch, and two members of the Hot Wheels design team.

This event is long, but you can jump around to see all the different cars and hear what the judges have to say about each one. But you already know the outcome, and I think we should look at this amazing Trans Am a bit more.

[Images courtesy of Hot Wheels]