In my previous post, I showed you around the parking lot of the LeMay museum in Tacoma, WA. That day, it just happened to be full of Ferraris of different kinds. I also mentioned that, while I appreciate them, I know little about these Italian thoroughbreds; several of you were kind enough to educate me in the comments, and I appreciate it. Well, if the Ferraris in the parking lot weren’t enough for you, check out this collection of vintage Italians.


Let’s kick things off with one of my favorites – the Daytona. Of all the Ferrari cars in this exhibit, this one is probably my favorite in terms of simple, effective design.


We overheard the president of the Washington chapter of the Ferrari club mention this Ferrari is one of the first cars they every built, and itself is the fourth such example, hence the license plate. Impressive, even to someone like me.


I know this is a 308, because, well, it says 308 on the back.


Another 308 variant? It’s very similar.


This is . . . gorgeous.


A little Pan-Am, anyone? This looks like a genuinely enjoyable place to work. Leather seats, wooden wheel, door pulls made of string.



I think many of us would agree that the F40 is one of the best Ferraris ever made. I’m a fan. Just look at that engine!

IMG-20130406-00679 IMG-20130406-00680

The hinged roof on this Superamerica was a cool idea. I imagine it was heavy. Nice color, though.


This looks a lot like a GTO, but I know it isn’t. Incidentally, that back glass reminds me a lot of the late-model El Camino.

Well, this is it for the second installment of my Hoon’s Day Out. I hope you enjoy the pictures, and please feel free to add more detail in the comments.