Two weekends ago, a few of my good friends and I made a southerly sojourn, about 35 miles south of Seattle, to the Lemay -America’s Car Museum. It’s been around for just a few years, and this was our first trip. One of the largest car museums in the world, it can house up to 350 vehicles at a time. Sounds impressive? It was. Take a trip with me below the jump.


We got to the museum just after opening on a cool Saturday morning. This would prove to be a stroke of genius, as the line to get in was out the door just a few hours later. This is a first-class facility all the way; the parking was easy, admission was reasonable, and there was several unusual cars right there in the lobby, as you can see from this shot.


Before we ever got to the museum, though, we saw this Ferrari on the way down. I will freely admit I know little about the myriad Ferrari models produced over the years, so please feel free to educate me in the comments. We all agreed that this one was cool, but the proportions were odd.

Now, as olelongrooffan and MadHungarian have told you many times, sometimes the best cars can be found in the parking lot. For me, this was no exception. Check out some of the machines we saw, parked just feet away.

 100_1137 100_1135  100_1133

You no doubt have noticed that there were quite a few Ferraris in the parking lot. As it turns out, the Ferrari Club of Washington was holding its annual meeting in the museum, and we were the lucky beneficiaries. I didn’t take a picture of all the prancing horses in the parking lot that morning, but there were dozens of them, trust me.



We later learned that one does not need to actually own a Ferrari to be in the Ferrari club; I can only imagine the guy who drives a Camry but dreams of prancing horses is one such person.


A nice little Jensen Healey as well, near the entrance. Right-hand drive, manual transmission. Excellent. With a worn driver’s seat and a map in the passenger seat, this car is clearly a daily driver. That should make any hoon happy.

Of course, my favorite car in the lot wasn’t a car at all.


There’s nothing quite like a brown truck. Especially a 1977 F-Series Ranger with chunky tires and just enough chrome. As I mentioned in my last post, I love these generation trucks. The round headlights with the black housing and turn signals on top just look great to me. 


I can’t really add much to this picture. It’s a big, brown, beautiful truck.

Thanks for following along with my first installment of what I hope will be an interesting series of posts about my trip to Lemay – America’s Car Museum. We had a great time, saw some amazing machines, and made some good memories. See you next time.