Hoonivision: This Electrifying Fiberfab Valkyrie is the Antichrist

There’s something horrifyingly seductive about an electrified Fiberfab Valkyrie …. you could rig it to run silent, sneak up behind unsuspecting enemies (Tesla owners?), and blast them right in the mucus membranes with an air-cannon filled with Bondo dust (judging by the bodywork, you’d likely have ample ammunition in the footwells). Now, if this was one of those VW-based “MG” clones, it’d have to have its faux engine compartment packed to the gills with freeze-dried packets of anthrax, and then you’d have to remotely guide it to impact the nearest Porsche Cayanne in the area.
But seriously, this Valkyrie is, like, the antichrist or something.

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  1. SeanKHotay Avatar

    I’ve looked into these a bit…
    I still think the Dino&904-influenced Aztec by the same company looks quite a bit better…

  2. evmania Avatar

    Hard to backup and park with no mirror in yet. The camera operator was a neighbor from Trinidad as well as who was amazed someone could build a car in their garage and an electric car was even more amazing.
    Since this first test run a lot has been improved on the car and much of the bodywork has been completed.

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