Hooniverse "What The Hell" Wednesday – Some Very Muscular GM Iron

Yes, I know, this is suppose to be Wagon Wednesday, but not a single wagon showed up at this little car show I went to over the weekend. What The Hell was that all about? So in honor of a group of no-shows, I present a “What The Hell” Wednesday Posting in which I cover a few GM Muscular (and not so muscular) Mid Sizers. So, sit back, enjoy, and quit your bitchin’.

This is a great 1967 Pontiac LeMans (Not a G-T-O) with a 326 CID Pontiac V-8, backed up with an Automatic. This car shows the average equipment level of these midsized convertibles: No Power Windows, No Air Conditioning, no center console, just an AM Radio, all Vinyl interior, and extra cost Wire Wheel Covers. This car looks great in a Metallic Mint Green paint scheme.


This is a great looking 1972 Chevrolet Malibu (Not an SS) complete with some sort of late model Chevy small block. Obviously this is a restomod, but it was so clean, and so well dome, I had to capture a couple of images. Notice that this car has a proper 4-speed manual, AND a bench seat. The owner didn’t even bother with replacing the steering wheel, and just placed the bid tachometer right in front of the useless speedometer. The color? I would call it Rootbeer with a cream vinyl top. Hey, its a Rootbeer Float!


This is a 1971 Pontiac LeMans Sport Convertible. Again, this is not a G-T-O, as prices for the Muscle Car Legend have skyrocketed. This seems to be a trend; Looking for the pedestrian brand instead of the True Blue Muscle brand, This LeMans is powered by the Pontiac 350 CID V-8, that produced about 250HP with the two bbl carburetor. The engine compartment is spotless, but I didn’t get a shot of the interior.


This is an actual 1967 Pontiac G-T-O Hardtop in a beautiful shade of Blue and a white Vinyl Top. I love the fact that this is a fully loaded Muscle Car, with the 400 CID V-8, a Hurst dual gate controlled Turbohydramatic automatic transmission, center console, and factory Air Conditioning. This car is a beauty.


The last car featured is a 1965 Chevelle Malibu SS, sporting a 283 CID V-8, which is actually my favorite engine. Did I get a shot of the inside? Nope. What Transmission? Not a clue. Is it still lustworthy? Of course it is.

I know many of you are disapointed in this posting compared to a Wagon Wednesday posting, but I promise you things will be back to normal next week. In the meantime, lay a few comments about these fine machines.


  1. Any pictures of the '67 GTO in its entirety? From here it's close to perfect except for two flaws – automatic and no gauge package. I even like the color.

  2. Oh, I will fill in for a wagon-lacking post:
    Yesterday I was headed to the cheese shop, and on a side street, I saw a CTS-V Wagon. I almost wrecked the bike ogling it. I have never seen one in person, and was very impressed. I really regret not turning around and checking it out more thoroughly. But I was headed to the cheese shop. Priorities.

  3. That mint green Lemans is sweet, even if it does have the crappy 2-speed ST-300 (similar to a Powerglide, only worse). One thing that's odd – on my '67 Tempest the air cleaner inlet and heat stove were on the driver's side, but on this car they are opposite. I wonder why?

  4. Interesting that the owners kept the true identities of these "lesser" cars instead of adding badges intended for the more powerful siblings.

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