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Welcome to another Hooniverse Weekend Edition, where I find either the Desirable, or the Unusual when it comes to vehicles that are for sale, and this one is just a bit of both. Stretch Limousines were a thing of the 80’s and the 90’s utilizing Lincoln Town Cars, the rear drive Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham, and various full size SUV’s like the Suburban or the Expedition. Well, here is an unusual take on a personal Limousine in the form of an every day (at least in the early 70’s) Ford LTD. Desirable or not?

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What is very interesting about how this car is altered as a limousine is very interesting. Most of the current stretch jobs you see simply take the standard sedan, chop between the doors, ans stretch. the doors themselves are unaltered, and it takes some flexibility of the passengers to move from the rear doors to wherever the center seats may be placed. Not with this design, as the rear doors have been stretched as well, and the rear seat is actually behind the door opening.

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According to the Craigslist listing:

This is a 1971 Ford LTD Limo. This LTD has been stretched. Has a 400 factory engine. Has TV & Stereo system, Sun roof, security system & power windows. New water pump, New heater core, new plugs, new wires, and is ready to drive. I drove it in the Woodward Dream Cruise. This is a Fantastic ride. Wow what a chic magnet.

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This ride has all those period touches, and includes a set of “Rabbit Ear” Antennae, Wire Basket Chrome Wheels, and a creamy caramel colored interior. Asking price is a firm $4,000, which really isn’t a lot for all the car you get. Take a look at the listing here, and tell me what you think. (I think I can actually hear the theme “Car Wash” playing in the background…)