Hooniverse Weekend Edition: What A Difference A Week and A Race Series Makes

This weekend the Preseason Thunder, the practice session for the NASCAR racing series was held out at the Daytona International Speedway.  This olelongrooffan had not really planned (the fifteen buck price of admission is somewhat deterring) on attending. However, while shopping for some new shoes, Manuel Labor has ruined several pairs, at the strip mall across from the Turn 4 tunnel, which was created in the same year as this olelongrooffan, I heard the roar of the those now fuel injected engines and looked over at Turn 4. As it was now nearly 3pm on the last day of the show, that security dude was merely waving any potential spectators through. Well, I would suspect my fellow Hoons know exactly what this olelongrooffan did. Now, if you guessed this olelongrooffan headed that way and drove my beater old pickup truck through that tunnel, you must be getting to know me quite well. I pulled up to the now nearly vacant parking area and stopped next to a few automobiles of the appliance variety. Yeah, the view of the parking lot this weekend was bunches different than last weekend. As this olelongrooffan was passing through the Fan Zone and heading to the garage area to see what could be seen, the familiar face on the security dude with the headset stopped me and mentioned, with the wink of an eye, that this olelongrooffan needed a garage pass to enter. I gazed around at the crowd hanging by my entrance and realized that this wasn’t the GrandAm scene anymore, this was NASCAR BABY and a whole different set of rules applied. I told the security dude thanks and stayed around that crowd just long enough to gather this image of the Furniture Row/Denver Mattress (a lovely city to visit by the way) entry returning to the garage area from its test laps. I seriously, for a brief moment, considered an end run around one of my favorite security dudes but realized…MEH…not really worth an expense of the limited amount of karma this olelongrooffan possesses. I’ll wait for a more interesting opportunity in the near future. Instead, I decided to head upstairs where I had experienced a wonderful garage side lunch last week and check out the sights, including that bundled up blonde on the right. Saw a few and then decided that today, this olelongrooffan was not the lucky dog so I ventured out to NASCAR turns 1 and 2 to have a sammich and a coke and watch the cars, some still in two car drafting form, alas, no images of them in action, my apologies my fellow Hoons. And as I have experienced in times past, the security situation involved during a relatively subdued GrandAm event is worlds apart from the security situation involved in the running of a NASCAR event. And that’s why I enjoy full bodied cars that turn right as well as left. Anyway, this olelongrooffan decided to head back Beachside and enjoyed a leisurely drive up A1A back to the Taj Mahal in the Birthplace of Speed to check out the cool shit that I was sure the esteemed Mr. Brennan had posted for our enjoyment during the Hooniverse Weekend Edition. And this olelongrooffan was not disappointed.

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