Hooniverse Weekend Edition: Ultra Cool Vintage Car Transporters

It’s time to go back to the in-box to see what the readers of Hooniverse sent in to our tip line, and look what dropped in this time. This was sent in by Mad_Science….. wait a minute…. Why don’t you take a look at these beautiful machines after the jump, while I try and figure this out….. This was just too cool to just ignore, so our head Hoon threw this out to the staff so that it could be shared with our readers. Anyway, an Italian Blog, Men’s Mentore, ran this posting about the 1959 Cheetah Race Transporter (and others) back in March, then was picked up by the Dinosaurs and Robots blog on Friday. If you feel like translating the article, go ahead. I’ll just post the pretty pictures here, and have you link to Men’s Mentore, and to Dinosaurs and Robots.

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