Hooniverse Weekend Edition – Two V12 Lincolns For Sale. Similarity Ends There.

Here is another great tip from Tim….. actually it was his suggestion to do this posting. With the first Lincoln, you could build a great V-12 powered, Paxton Supercharged traditional hot rod. The second one? Well, you leave that one alone. See for yourself after the jump.

Lets start with the 1942 unrestored Lincoln. According to the listing:

FOR SALE – VERY RARE 1942 Lincoln Zephyr 3 window coupe, V-12, Columbia 2 spd. rear end, unrestored nice car $ 15,000.00. Please call Michael on cell at XXX-XXX-XXXX. I also have a 1937 Lincoln Zephyr 3 window coupe, V-12, for sale at $ 50k.

For $15,000, would you ever think about a complete restoration of this car, or use the engine and drive-train to build that traditional Hot Rod that Tim suggested. Let me know here. See the listing here.

Now on to the restored 1937 Lincoln Coupe. The listing states:

FOR SALE – VERY RARE 1937 Lincoln Zephyr 3 window coupe, V12, Columbia 2 spd. rear end, older restoration and beautiful car…$ 50,000.00. Please call Michael on cell at XXX-XXX-XXXX. I also have a VERY RARE unrestored 1942 Lincoln Zephyr 3 window coupe, V-12, for sale at 15k.

At $50,000, this Lincoln better be at the top of the heap. This is still cheaper than the V-12 Continentals though, and these cars are approaching Classic Status. What would you do with this car? See the listing here.

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  1. facelvega Avatar

    These are fairly desirable cars with very clean styling for their time, but they've kind of graduated into the category of museum object in my book, I don't know if I'd be interested in going down that road. Anyway, that restoration was a bit crude and without the right eye for detail, I'd rather have the cheaper one and use the $35k difference to do the restoration my own way. First priority: don't ruin the interior!

  2. tonyola Avatar

    Gotta love those slick three-window coupes. Much more desirable than the sedans or regular coupes. Lincoln Zephyrs got rather uglified for 1942 with that bulky, overdecorated nose and boxed-up fenders. However, only 273 coupes were built in that year so this car is quite rare. I much prefer the style of the '37 but it's hard to tell the quality of the restoration from the crappy photos.
    It's just such a shame that the Zephyr was saddled with a dog of an engine. The Ford-based V12 had insufficient oil and cooling passages, so they wouldn't tolerate any lugging and were prone to overheating, warping, and excessive ring and bearing wear. A Zephyr is one car where I would be tempted to say "screw authenticity" and put in a later Ford or Lincoln OHV V8.

  3. 4DoorNoMore Avatar

    I think you would do well to buy the first one, part out the V12 and build a sweet period Kustom with the proceeds.

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