Hooniverse Weekend Edition Review – A Pictorial Review from "Mike the Dog"

During the weekend shift, I have had the pleasure of showing the images captured by out good friend, Mike the Dog. Why not make the jump to see the images Mike produced for us throughout 2010.

One of the first postings I did with mike was the Billetproof Michigan 2010 Images, so why not take a look at them for yourself.

Mike then went to the The Lingenfelter Collection, and shot some fantastic images of rarefied Muscle Cars that are housed within the collection. See the posting here.

One of the signature events held within the state of Michigan is the Orphan Car Show and Cruise, usually held in Ypsilanti, Michigan. See this posting here.

Then there was the Michigan Vintage Volkswagen Association’s 2010 Gathering, that was buried deep in the bowels of my e-mail, and I ran the post almost a month after Mike sent the link to me, but you can re-visit the post right now!

If you want to see more of Mike’s Photostream, just head on over here. More Weekend Editions Review postings later.

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  1. Charles_Barrett Avatar

    That black Plymouth convertible is absolutely wonderful. Not too gaudy, not too austere… Just spot-on gorgeous (I have to admit I have a thing for shiny black cars; that makes any and all chrome look that much more striking.

  2. Mike_the_Dog Avatar

    Thanks for reminding me that I've got a few megs of pics to upload. I shoulda dunnit over winter break, but I was too busy playing GT5. So sue me.

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