Hooniverse Weekend Edition Last Call – Meet the Invasion, where all your nightmares come true…

I thought I would wrap up this weekend with a custom van that I discovered on Autotrader Classics. Meet the Invasion, a chopped 1976 Dodge Tradesman 318 Van that has been thoroughly turned into your personal sin bin. Make the jump to see what the current owner did to turn this once docile work van into either your personal desires come true, or your most intimate nightmares brought to life, depending upon your point of view…

A Crushed Velvet Bar, with a B&W Television? How Groovy…
Another View of all that Crushed Velvet.
What 70s Van didn't have a Mural? Note the Vanity Plate.
A Dragon, Scantily Clad Babes, Four Horses… What more could you possibly want?
How about Etched Windows? Keepin it Classy!
Of course, there's an Amazon Warrior on the front chin spoiler!

Yes this thing is for sale, and the asking price is $90,000! See the listing here, if you dare, and let me know what you think about “The Invasion”…

And this is all the work that has been done to this van… Money well spent?

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