Hooniverse Weekend Edition: Last Call: Hooniverse Exclusive: The First Nissan LEAF Commercial

With this olelongrooffan’s apologies to Mr. Brennan, in the midst of this Toyota Weekend Extraganza, I feel obligated to submit the following:
If all ya’ll fellow Hoons remember, your fellow Hoon was presented the opportunity to Hoon a Nissan LEAF around earlier this year, and I did. At the time, my email address was provided to NissanUSA marketing and a couple hours ago, this arrived in my inbox.


  1. Hrm. Zero dependence on oil, eh? It doesn't have any plastic in it then? No lubricants anywhere? Must not have used any raw materials that were grown on a farm or dug from a mine either.

  2. It drives me nuts that electricity is thought of by many as a "source" of energy. It's a means of transporting energy around. At the other end of the wire is a big pile of burning coal, a nuclear reactor, or (evil of evils) a petroleum-fired furnace.
    Sorry, pet peeve.

  3. Absolutely. Nothing interesting about a coal powered car being touted as green. Move along, nothing to see here.

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