Hooniverse Weekend Edition: Ebay Find of the Weekend; a Custom Daimler Pickup

What do you get when you cross a Daimler Limousine with a Lincoln Navigator? You get this thing…. According to the listing:

I am selling my beautiful, one of a kind, Damiler Pickup Truck. I have owned it for 5 months, but the wife says that something has to go, and I figured it was cheaper to get rid of the vehicle than the wife. This vehicle started life at the Daimler Factory (then owned by Jaguar) as a DS240 Limo, but before completion, it was sent to another factory, and it became a Hearse. ( A picture of the transportation of a Limo to the Hearse factory, is included in the listing. It spent many years as a Hearse, and was brought over to the U.S. in around 1998. It was converted to a comfortable tow vehicle/pickup truck by local Daimler expert, Bob Boston. The drive train is all Jaguar, with the exception of a GM turbo 400 automatic transmission. The engine is a 4.2L DOHC 6 cylinder engine, with dual S.U. carbs, and Jaguar rear end. The fuel tanks are 2 12 gallon tanks, with a switch on the console fro choosing tanks. The odometer reads, 80,000, but is broken, so true mileage is unknown. A compression check on the engine shows 145 to 150 on all cylinders. The cab was modified using a donor Hearse, with a flip top rear window, and plenty of bed space. The car was repainted in December, 2009.The interior is from a Lincoln Navigator, with a $6,000 custom interior and bed cover. The vehicle also has electric windows, and a 17,000 BTC air conditioner, and right hand drive.

Currently, the Buy It Now price is $12,500. Does that sound like a lot for this car? Read the entire Ebay Listing here.

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