Hooniverse Weekend Edition: Billetproof Michigan 2010 Images!

The Lone AMC. Mikes own 1963 Rambler American!

These shots are courtesy of long time Hoon Mike The Dog. You have to make the jump to see more!

When was the last time you saw a Studebaker Bus?

Here at Hooniverse Central we are blessed with such a diverse pool of talent from the contributors, as well as the commentariant. Mike has a great photostream on flickr that we can’t seem to get enough of. So when we received an e-mail from The Dog informing us that he just uploaded 832 images that he shot at Billetproof Michigan, well we knew that we had to showcase them. However, at Mad_Science request, we decided to let Mike pick out a five of his favorites to spotlight this weekend. Mike’s response was this:

Well, since I would be utterly unable to restrict my enthusiasm to just five cars, I’ll let you be the judge and do as you see fit. I would, however, recommend that you feature the Blower Bentley somewhat prominently, and maybe give an honorable mention to the lone AMC product in the show (a ’63 Rambler that I *know* I’ve seen somewhere before;). Other standouts (for me) were the two ’58 Mercury sedans, the Packard with the flathead straight eight and the two(!) Hupmobile rat rods (Two Hupmobiles and only one AMC? WTF?). Oh, and then there’s the Studebaker bus, the ’55 Chevy George Barris custom (see what I mean?)….

A Truly Bad Ass Packard!

Since I used a couple of his suggestions sprinkled about within this posting, here are a few others:

Here is that Bentley Mike told us about.

The interior of one of those 1958 Mercury Sedans. Makes you want to own one, right?

The Hupmobile Rat Rod Pickup!

This is an Auburn Hearse. OK Mike, if you say so!

This will no doubt kill your entire day, so be prepared to get absolutely nothing done as you view each of the 832 images that Mike shot. Enjoy!

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