Hooniverse Weekend Edition: Anticipating The Pick

Just before the Turkey Run last year, this olelongrooffan shared with my fellow Hoons the fact that I had, indeed, purchased another means of transportation from a junkyard. Yeah, my daily driver Comanche was, until then, the most recent purchase following the wrecked E30 I salvaged for a boat load of parts and ebay stuff a few years ago. Well last week all of the players (a state trooper, an attorney, an automotive service manager, a college student, a salvage yard manager, a fork lift driver and an underemployed construction worker) involved in the acquisition of my new 1973 Jeepster Commando, “The Charles Barrett Special”, were finally in the same place at the same time and this olelongrooffan was able to retrieve my latest soon to be daily driver from above that alligator tank out on US 1. thejeepjunkie’s son, the Kid, was kind enough to hook his Ranger pickup (what was Ford thinking with its demise?) to the flatbed trailer his ole man stole for a hundred bucks and a 12 pack of Natty Light and get his uncle, JohnJohn, out to my new ride’s almost final resting place. Well, my fellow Hoons, as this olelongrooffan was gathering up the images of that pick to share with all ya’ll, I came across some of the other, well at least to me, cool old cars and trucks the Kid and I spotted out at my namesake’s junkyard that first Monday of 2012. As our esteemed Mr. Brennan is in the midst of a Hooniverse Project Car weekend, I thought I might toss a few into the mix as well, although these certainly are much farther beyond the LeMons worthy thresold than those set forth in yet another fantastic Weekend Edition Series by UDMan. As I was reviewing the vehicles I randomly captured in this series of images, I realized that this olelongrooffan has a connection with damn near every one of them, no matter how tangental. The Rambler American has no close connection to this olelongrooffan but I know of at least one of my fellow Hoons who, well, hoons one of these around on a regular basis. Now, I have not edited these images and have included every one of the 18 or so that I captured that day and it is uncanny the connection to almost every one of them this olelongrooffan has. My older sister and her husband owned a 1972 Pinto, although this is an image of its cousin, a Mercury Bobcat, that she was foolish enough to let me hoon around more than one time. Let’s see, Pinto, three pedals at my feet, 16 year old male, yeah, no problem there. Next up would be an International Scout. As I have related previously, my parts friends wouldn’t let me buy one, but should I do so, this olelongrooffan would need to find new parts friends. Further, when I spent the summer of 1978 in Grayton Beach, Florida, a Scout of this era was the preferred means of transportation on that sugar white beach. The only beach in the area that still allowed on beach driving. Luckily, the Birthplace of Speed still does. And this old Jeepster? No story here, I just bought one and am here to pick it up. And this old Ford van? No story here either, I just sold one. And on to the Ranchero, a perennial favorite, other than longroofs, to this olelongrooffan. My only connection, other than total lust, to this car/truck wannabe is the fact I saw a newer generation of it out at the track on Saturday for the Roar Before The 24 and another I spotted for less than $4K few Turkey Runs ago at the Bellair Plaza. The Fiat Spyder the Kid and I spotted that day was a version of the last Hoonible car in a lifetime of Hoonible Cars my Dad, TheGentleManFarmer, owned in his lifetime. As I have mentioned earlier, after he passed, some Hoon out in Washington State bought it from one of my brothers, still not Darrell, on the Bay that is E, and flew to the Ozarks and drove it home. While I don’t remember that 124 having that bulging bonnet, I do remember the C-30 one ton panel truck I owned for a period of time in my late teens that had the same body style as the pickup truck in center of the above image. Yeah, one ton, long wheel base, 17″ wheels before they were cool, and it desperately needed a new set of ball joints. Combined with an 800 mile journey from the Ozarks to the Florida Panhandle. You can’t buy that type of fun these days. Plus I bought it from a carney. And that same route, some years later, with a buddy in his similar body style Z-28 through the fog on I-55 through southern Mississippi and on to St. Augustine. Oh the picures in my library!! Yeah, this olelongrooffan most definitely is getting old when a stroll through a junkyard with the Kid reminds me of my youth. Trust me my fellow Hoons when I say this….I only wish you this same experience in your future.. And while this second gen Corvair is cool, I actually, at 12 years old drove my Mom’s 64 four speed Corvair vert, if only in the driveway of the huge home I lived in with my nine brothers and sisters. Oh, and this Breezeway, I spotted one of those just a few weeks ago over at my parts friend’s place. Now I have to share with my fellow Hoons, the Kid first pointed out this widetrack Safari longroof while I was distracted by some of the other offerings in John’s place. But in true Hoon fashion, he popped his pocket knife out and peeled that emblem off the tail gate of that olelongroof in a fashion that would would make Murilee Martin proud. That Safari emblem now possesses a favored location in my Taj Mahal awainting the 2012 Hoonimas gift sharing. You are preparing for next Hoonimas aren’t you, my fellow Hoons? And then the Kid told his olelongrooffan uncle John-John to stand beside it so he could gather this image of these two ole antiques together. Damn young whippersnapper! Appropriately enough, a bonus catch of the TTTO’s sister in the background! Now, I have shared with my fellow Hoons that every automobile in in this post has a related context to this olelongrooffan and the above image is no different. See that Satellite Sebring to the right in that image? The first thing that comes to mind is an old cop show I used to watch back in the early 70’s in which there was a four door version of this as the featured duo’s vehicle, but I’ll be damned if I can remember the name or the stars of that show. But this one is definitely Starsky and Hutch!! And my fellow Hoons, this olelongrooffan must admit that in my entire life, I have never had any connection with, known anyone who has owned one, nor even ridden in a Mustang II COBRA. But as my brother thejeepjunkie responds when his SunGoddess asks when he is going to stop dragging his rusty junk home, “I’m not dead yet, am I?” Trust me my fellow Hoons, the story about the pick of “The Charles Barrett Special” is forthwith.

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