Hooniverse Weekend Edition – An Early Benz Cossie on Craigslist

We received this delicious tip from Dave (thanks man!) about a 1987 Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.3 16-valve that is for sale in the Austin Texas Metro region. Very few were imported into the states, and this is by far the most affordable sporting Benz, with a stick available. You will have to make the jump to see the ad though….

According to the very brief listing:

1987 Mercedes Benz 190E 2.3-16v Cosworth, 181K miles, 5 speed clutch replace 3 years ago, runs and drives, has a dent in rear and in drivers door. Inside is ok. good,no a/c need compressor, fast and fun car. new tires, all tags good clean title. $1850 obo.

You can see the posting here. Is this particular Mercedes worth the asking price? Let me know.

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  1. Maymar Avatar

    $1850? That doesn't seem too bad (NP, in another parlance). With those miles, the dogleg shifter, and M-B's horrendous shifter quality, I don't know if you'd want to use it as a daily driver, but it'd make for a fun toy that might even appreciate in value.

  2. OA5599 Avatar

    My neighbors used to have a diesel version of this bodystyle. They paid $600 for it and drove it several years, until a large tree blew over and landed on the decklid. The windows didn't break, but the structure buckled enough that you could see daylight around one of the rear doors. The insurance company gave them three grand and let them keep the car, which they then sold to someone for more than their original purchase amount. The new buyer used it as a daily driver, unrepaired.
    By that measure, $1850 probably is pretty reasonable for the car featured above.

  3. Rust-MyEnemy Avatar

    A terrific car, now and when new. The $1850 is fantastic when you consider that it's so robust you could easily hand it down for future generations of your family to enjoy.

  4. smalleyxb122 Avatar

    Dammit. If this were closer to me, it would be in my driveway by now. I frequently peruse local listings for a 2.3-16, and this is a stellar price on a solid southern example. If you hadn't listed a price I would have pegged it around $3500, or nearly twice the asking price. The high miles would keep it from being worth much more than that, though.

    1. Manic_King Avatar

      Cheap one way plane ticket(s), great road trip……

  5. buzzboy7 Avatar

    Do want. Really good price for that. I'm actually in the market for one but I'd like a lower mileage specimen for more ca$h.

  6. tonyola Avatar

    Cheap to buy, but I'll bet it won't be cheap to keep. Cosworth-specific parts will be expensive and not easy to come by. Also, this car will require frequent maintenance to keep it running well. A Cossie Benz could easily end up as a Project Car Hell in the wrong hands.

  7. Black Steelies Avatar

    I've seen several of these brought up on BaT and elsewhere in recent months. Or maybe just something similar, all looked like tarted-up 190s.

  8. njhoon Avatar

    If this were closer I would have a hard time not at least going to look at it. Chances are Mrs Hoon would be a little upset when I wheeled it home….

  9. texan_idiot25 Avatar

    hehe… its close to me…

    1. Texan_idiot25 Avatar

      On second thought, the prices for some common EFI maitenance parts scare the fuck out of me. Over 500 bucks for a MAF sensor.

  10. dukeisduke Avatar

    A former co-worker had one of these for awhile. He bought it from a guy in SoCal and brought it back to Texas. The underhood wiring on the thing had been jury-rigged (in attempt to bypass various non-functioning parts), and even a German mechanic here couldn't make it run right. It eventually was sold (to another guy in SoCal).

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