Hooniverse Wagon Wednesday: The Addy Edition

So last evening this olelongrooffan was hanging out at the Taj Mahal enjoying the consumption of some hurricane supplies and looking through my image library to try and scrounge something up for Hooniverse Wagon Wednesday. It’s been since my trip to the Corvette Museum that I had seen any cool longroofs.

Before I could find any cool longroofs to honor this day, I did find some cool old longroof ads and thought my fellow Hoons would enjoy them.

There are few things better than a disappearing tailgate or a Vega hatchback wagon or a classic Chevelle longroof. One of those things would be a classic BlueOval 67 longroof much like the one I rode from the Ozarks to Ontario and back in as a younglongrooffan. Sadly, ours didn’t have a place to “snap in a tape cartridge” though.

Our family also possessed, not one but, two of the classic Volkwagen microbus’s in the early 60’s. While ours had the “Vista Cruiser” windows, those buses of my youth possessed a solid top. Probably a good thing though or one of us kids would probably have been decapitated.

Now the ad above was created long before there was Photoshop (yes, Photoshop has not always been around my fellow Hoonyoungsters) and this olelongrooffan wonders how they managed to get all of those buses which are optioned the same in one location?

And after spending most of my life building custom homes, this olelongrooffan is fairly certain if I were to build a home for one of my fellow Hoons, the construction process would look something like this.

img src= whothehellremembers?

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