Hooniverse Wagon Wednesday – 1990 Volvo 240 GL Wagon

During my time here at Hooniverse, I’ve found out that old Volvos have a good following around these parts. Make it a shiny wagon with a tow bar, and the odds of somebody giving a damn increase ten-fold.

This 1990 automatic 240 GL wagon is for sale in Eastern Helsinki, in the region that is full of dealers big and small, shady and less shady. Next to the shapely Xsaras and PT Cruisers, the blocky Volvo stood out great. Instinctively, I had to grab some detail-level shots of it for Wagon Wednesday.

The Volvo isn’t exactly a spring chicken, with 409 000 km on the clock. However, the body and interior on it are very, very well preserved in comparison to the admirable mileage. With an unmolested front plate it would look a winner.

Behind the grille should be a 109-horse B200F 8-valve OHC engine. Ideally the trans should be a tough 5-speed and not a 3-spd auto, but that’s up to the test-driver to figure out how it’s stood the test of time and use.

Brick headlights, s’il vous plaît:

Around the sides, doors and wheelarches there was no visible rust. Granted, the paint was most likely treated and buffed, but that’s no bad thing to spruce it up.

Behold: in the background, my FinalGear accomplices.

EXCLUSIVE BEHIND THE SCENES: This is mostly what it looks like when doves cry when I take photos for a Hooniverse post.
(Photo by Edvin P.)

The hatch has some light rust and traces of respray, but it’s usually the first panel to rust on these. It’s not bad by all means.

Wonder why there was a Wunderbaum in the trunk, by the way. Maybe the Volvo’s been used for transporting dogs.

I like the little utilitarian function-before-form details on the 240.

The roadside assistance sticker is tougher than most people’s fingernails.

The seller wants 1600 EUR for the 245. It’s a tough price, since 1600 should buy you a very low-kilometre papan silmäterä, not a 400k car; but then again, this wagon has a recent MOT, it’s clean and the price probably isn’t too firm. How do you fancy it?

[Images: Copyright Hooniverse 2012/Antti Kautonen]

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