Hooniverse Wagon Sunday – An exceptionally clean 1992 Chevrolet Caprice Wagon on Craigslist

1992 Chevrolet Caprice Wagon - Google Chrome 7192014 81241 PM.bmp Well, since it’s officially the Summer Vacation Season, I thought I would do a series of postings specifically centered around that long lost vehicle of choise for families on the go, the Station Wagon. I have found a few that are currently kicking around the web that are for sale, starting with this beautiful 1992 Chevrolet Caprice Wagon. 1992 Chevrolet Caprice Wagon - Google Chrome 7192014 81146 PM.bmp According to the Craigslist Listing:

1992 Chevy Caprice Wagon 5.7 V-8, Automatic, PW, PL, AC, Tilt, Cruise, rear facing 3rd seat, limited slip differential. See pic of window sticker for all equipment 1992 Chevrolet Caprice Wagon - Google Chrome 7192014 81306 PM.bmp The negatives, it has what appears to be a scratched front bumper from either an ice scraper or car wash malfunction. Under front bumper as well. I tried to show in pics. ….the top of the hood also has a minor paint blemish. I chose not to have it fixed as it would give the impression the nose was wrecked and repainted. Other than that, this car is exceptional. It drives like a dream. Big, heavy, smooth, just as you would expect.

1992 Chevrolet Caprice Wagon - Google Chrome 7192014 81247 PM.bmp This car has only been driven 14,925 miles, and in the ad the owner states that this is practically a new car! I have to agree with him on this. Even with the low mileage, the asking price is a reasonable $9,200, which really isn’t that bad for a car in this condition. This is almost as desirable as that Colt Vista Wagon from Saturday. See the Dayton Craigslist Listing here, and tell me what you think. 1992 Chevrolet Caprice Wagon - Google Chrome 7192014 81252 PM.bmp

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